Terms and use Conditions - Protection of Personal Data

Transmission of your data is up to your free decision and you are entitled not to supply any information, even if this could affect the use of this Site or the supply of information regarding CORONA & C. products and services.

The use of your personal data has the unique and exclusively purpose to carry on the relationships required to inform and sale to you the products.

Data collected from the web

CORONA & C. does not mean to collect private or confidential information from the users of this Site. You can surf our web Site without supplying your personal data; if are not you to contact us, whichever communication from us will be impossible. We do not disclose or offer to third parties information suitable to personally identify the visitors of this web Site.

Email addresses and associated data
When you send us an email, your address will be exclusively used to answer you, unless you give us your permission for following communications.
You can choose to receive other informative or commercial communications providing us a valid email address and the other required information, according to CORONA & C. the use of your data in the respect of current legislation. Addressees of emails can reject further messages by communicating their aim to the address at the end of this note.

Your computerís data
IP addresses
Informatics systems, including the software procedures used to operate this Site, acquire, while their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet net, based on protocol TCP/IP. The collected information are not intended to be associated to identified users, but, for their proper kind, could consent to identify the surfing users, through elaborations and associations with data hold by third parties.
The company uses collected data for administrative and technical management, to analyse possible technical problems and to prevent intrusion and abuse of the service. IP addresses collected through Site surfing will also be used for statistical purposes regarding the most visited areas of the Site and geographic area of origin.
Recorded IP addresses are not associated to personal data of forms filled up by users.
Web surfing data
We record them while you visit our Site. We can use "Web markers". They are small graphic files that help us to trace the use of our Site. A Web marker get information as the IP address (Internet Protocol) of the computer that downloaded the page on which the marker is, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the page containing the marker, the time in which this page has been visited, the type of browser that extracted the Web marker and the identification number of all Cookies previously sent to the computer by server.
Some areas of this Site employ the "Cookie" technology to improve the offered services. The Cookie is a small file logged in your computer when you visit a web site, containing some text and numbers generated from the visited site. The Cookie does not collect and does not contain any personal data, and does not expose your computer to any risk about protection or viruses. You can easily verify all the information contained in a Cookie opening its file with any text editor. The position of the file inside your computer depends on Internet browser used.
When used, Cookies helps us to understand which part of our Site is more appreciated, which is the visitorís path and how long they stay in the Site.
If you do not mean to accept Cookies, you can stop them following your browser instructions. This procedure will not normally prevent the correct surf of our Site; in specific cases in which a Cookie is used "to recognize" a registered user, the not acceptance of the Cookie can prevent your use of the demanded service.

Use and checking the data

CORONA & C. collects your data in different ways. We could, as example, ask your data and references when you mail or call us to purchase or demanding support.

Disclosing personal data
CORONA & C. do not disclose any given personal data to third parties without your consent, with the exception of specific cases:
- Execution of contracts: your personal data could be disclosed to subcontractor Third parties to allow execution of supply contracts. We could need using other societies to carry out activities for you, as execution of orders, delivery of packages, shipment of mail, providing support, payments with credit cards and supply of services to customers. Such societies will have access only to limited personal data, those required to the execution of specific task, shall not allowed to use data for other scopes and shall have to deal data in compliance with applicable laws.
- Law enforcing: your personal data could be disclosed to authorized Third parties to allow us to fulfil law requirements.

Access to your own personal data
We do our best to protect your data in an accurate, pertinent and complete way. Our care is to update your data and store them only for the required time. In our location we implemented specific protection measures for data (password on each computer, antivirus software, emergency data backup, safety locker for documents and copies storing, training and operative instructions for the staff) to prevent not authorized access or use of data and data damages or losses in compliance with applicable regulation.

You have the right to access, modify or cancel the data related to you and to receive information about how we keep them.

How to contact us

To get information on your Personal Data stored by us, you can contact the handling officer:

Loredana Corona
Email l.corona@bcdcorona.it

CORONA & C. spa
Via Aosta 22/24
10098 Cascine Vica - Rivoli (Torino) Italy
Tel. +39.011.959.1836
Fax +39.011.959.3138
Email bcd@bcdcorona.it

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